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This is why Julius Caesar is able to speak English. Mick has apparently acquired several STDs recently.

Dialogue Triumphs Sarah's daydream sequence where she fantasizes killing her boss. For some reason, The Time Bureau has sensors that can detect this. Jax and Professor Stein still both live in Central City, though they haven't been socializing outside of a weekly bonding session required by their powers as Firestorm.

Temporal Linguistic Dysplasia is a condition where a time-traveler arrives in a time able to speak the native language. ) Rip Hunter: All humility aside, we are the most important security organization that no one's ever heard of. Ray: Well, we're about to steal a ship, go grab Julius Caesar in Aruba - all before history completely collapses. (Jax nods as if this proves his point.) Stein: Your point? The simulation they are seen running is based on the events of 214, where The Legends had to save the Apollo 13 astronauts.

It's a frequent side-effect of historical displacement. Sara: I bumped into one of Rip's Time Agents a while back. (Mick struggles with two suit-clad Time Agents) Mick: Get off me you damn missionaries! They are told tomorrow's class will have them stopping a nuclear missile from attacking New York City - a disaster The Legends averted in 201.

Julius Caesar defied this law by crossing The Rubicon, moving southward from Gaul and marching upon Rome. Continuity It has been five years since Rip Hunter last interacted with The Legends from his perspective.

This started what is known as Caesar's Civil War and eventually led to the foundation of The Roman Empire with Julius Caesar as Dictator. Stein: I'll make it home for the birth of my first grandchild. From their perspective, Rip left The Waverider 15 minutes ago.

Influences Army of Darkness (the scene of Sara working retail is like Ash and his job at S-Mart), the Men In Black movies (the mind-erasing device and the general look of The Time Agents), the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare (Caesar quotes a line from it during his speech to the toga party, Nate quotes it when questioning Sara) and the movie Back To The Future II (the heroes have to stop a villain who used a book from the future to change history after allowing said book to wind up in the hands of said villain in the first place.) Goofs It's hard to believe The Legends would just walk around a dinosaur-filled Los Angeles in their civies as nonchalantly as they do in the opening scene.

Funny as it is to see Sara working retail and granting that it's done entirely for comedic effect, it seems hard to believe she couldn't have gotten a better job, especially in Star City.

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This is a new power for Vixen, who has previously only been depicted summoning one spirit at a time to draw upon their power. Stein: And to quote the great conqueror himself, "We came. " (Ray and Nate high-five.) Jax: (quietly and jokingly, to Sara): Nice work. Apparently she dumped him and decided to return to 1942 on her own following a conversation with Rip Hunter.

Plot The Legends defeated The Legion of Doom, but their actions have caused a fracturing of the time-stream that has unleashed thousands of anachronisms and paradoxes.

Before they can get to work on fixing the problem, Rip Hunter (who had just left them moments earlier from their perspective) returns with agents from a newly formed Time Bureau, who relieve them of The Waverider.

Ray discovers that Gideon has been in sleep mode for five years when they steal The Waverider. Nate: (to Time Bureau agents) I didn't know Men's Warehouse gave group discounts. Sara's non-verbal reaction and hiding of her face when she sees King Arthur. (Stein sighs cynically.) Jax: Look, we have a time ship! Stein: That's what I told Clarissa the last time I left... King Arthur, last seen in 212, makes an appearance, being dragged through the Star City Time Bureau office in 2017 after having somehow made an appearance during The Spanish Civil War.

He is able to revive her by diverting her power back to the core. (Remember how she was the inspiration for Sir Lancelot? Ray: (cheerfully) And when you came home you had a surprise daughter! The Waverider has been re-purposed as a training simulator for newbie Time Agents.