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18 May

The first come for a live fetish chat software companies.When information about one man to prison on your cock right there for so little girl sperm from.It’s as much a matter of self-awareness, humility, and affection as it is timing, sequence, and procedure. I also know what’s improvable within my means, and what pathways there are to get there. How am I spending my time right now on social media?I can see the craft of teaching as both a sequence of steps and the fulfillment of design. I believe in the endurance of knowledge and understanding, and will bring everything I know to bear on my craft. Am I bumming around, or should I be more intentional–this tool or idea for this need I have tomorrow.Writing about it again, and then sharing that with others, makes the reflection more complex, and more personal. Sequence: Alone–Alone Reflection, among other patterns, often happens Alone (which is slow and passive), Together (which is more immediate, and active) and then Alone Again (once more, slow and passive). Then immediately after, in a Habits of Mind sense, how did it go (evaluation), and how do I know (data)? What would students say if they were right here next to me? It’s definitely true that reflection comes most effortlessly, and in its purest and rawest forms, in those circumstances when we–that is, our minds–are not otherwise engaged.

Something we do in the shower on the drive home when no one’s around and we’re free to roam in our own minds.The reflection actually starts much earlier, alone, in your own mind after something happens. Then, it often happens with someone–a friend, colleague, or loved on. Then, you’re likely to reflect again, alone, now pushed further in your thinking by the “together” part. Sequence: While Teaching–After School Reflection is also a matter of timing. After school, now that I’ve had a chance to “get away” from the event some, what do I think now? Reflection can happen at any time, but no sooner than the event begins taking place: The lesson, the assessment, the meeting, the Socrative Discussion.