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01 Nov

Dating books that offer ways to just change our love lives alone don't appeal to me because it's like building a high-rise from the top up, which isn't possible.To change one aspect of our lives we have to take a look at our lives as a whole and see what we can do in our lives consistently and in that way, every aspect begins to change, including our love lives.

Thanks Dr Ali The HOLY GRAIL of dating books, and I've read many.Some good general tips on dating are presented here and there but I have read better books on dating. I read this as a complementary read to katherine woodward thomas' "calling in the one" because I was serious about manifesting love in my life.Calling In The One was great for dealing with emotional blockages between myself and love, as well as setting a vision as to what I want.*Fail-safe ways to make men approach you *The Three-Man plan*Rejection-Proofing yourself *Use your Unfair Advantage*The Magic Question *How to be irresistible *The Passion Formula*3 ways to make a man fall in love with you*What drives men away*Getting the second date*The right time to have sex with a man*How to keep a man worth keeping Not what I was hoping to read but not a bad book neither.It is more a self empowering book than a book about dating.