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18 Nov

So now i have officially started my Christmas shopping; or rather, my dd did. As for the rest, I will be shopping on-line even tho I don't like to do that because of the problem of possible returns, but will do the best I can.

I have told them I need suggestions, or they can just live with what they get!!

My dd said she would pick me up and take me home whenever I wanted, but also there are some steps to get in etc. But it really wouldn't bother me to stay home; I am accustomed to home and it is certainly much more comfortable, and I really wouldn't get to visit much, so............decide later. My dd would take me there and younger son would bring me back. I was given some home-grown pears and now that they are ripe, peeled and slightly cooked to soften them (I used canned pears before), I need to find a recipe I have for a pear desert that I used to enjoy.

I appreciate the offer and I know I would be welcome. The juice is used to make a pudding that is poured over a short-bread crust.

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I noticed about 4 -5 months ago around May time 2015, my tickets were very slow to be replied to and then suddenly just stopped they were not replied to at all, I thought maybe they are on holidays or something but left it longer and nothing, now I have 4 tickets open with varying importance and none replied to.

I have solved the problem of back surgery (sort of). My dd will be going to work in December through March, and I know i would definitely need her, so problem solved, for now. My dd and dh will be going to his dd's house, and I am invited.....

But there are four LIVELY youngsters and the parents......well, let's just say they don't seem to believe in discipline so would be very loud and disruptive and I am not sure. First I must get a tooth filled this Friday, and my sis has two invites to work around., plus our dr. Whoever thought that two retired people would have such a time working a visit out???

Woc Well really who knows what is going to happen with seemingly no news, it’s difficult to anticipate what’s going to happen, is this a short term issue? If anyone else has any contact with 123 Flash Chat or knows whats happening long term please let me know!

My dd dropped me off in front of Penney's (I had a off coupon I didn't want to lose) and I know my sil is very hard to buy for, but I know he sometimes buys clothes at Penney's, so I bought a sweater and shirt that he will probably return as he does with most of what my dd gets him.