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02 Sep

Hallmark on Great great Aunt's gold bead necklace -mid - late 1800's This necklace belonged to my Great great Aunt Julia; she was born in the mid 1800's, was from New York and traveled to Colorado escorting my 15 year old …

Makers Mark db or Frontwards d backwards d encircled The piece is a money clip, marked STERLING & 14K above the Maker's Mark as I mentioned in the title of my post. Re: Gold Cross, Australia 19th Century - Eagle, 9 plus Anvil Thank you Yvonne for your reply.

It does not have the carat marked, but has the following: … Origin of left facing roman man's head on outside of shank. I have recently inherited some jewelry of my late grandmothers.It is not a State of the Union Cross and I don't think it was made in France. Are there particular dates when the hallmark K18 was used?I recently purchased a cameo which was hand-carved on a shell. it looks to be at least a carat maybe more, it is old' - It has no markings at all … Hi, i recently recieved a gold locket for my 18th and just wanted to know a bit about it. Designer/Jeweler of my Pre-owned Ring Hallmarked 14K (Heart Symbol)" & "glamour" Hallmark? Vertical 3-Stone Paved Bypass 14K White Gold Diamond Ring Can you please provide all background information? Is a gold diamond ring stamped with Korea inside real or costume jewelry? gold ring with 4 diamonds, very yellow gold Can you please provide all background information? Circles & Triangle Hallmark |Need info on Old Diamond Ring I have a 7 stone diamond cluster ring; they are not small diamonds.